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Hope For Tomorrow

Freedom Life serves justice involved individuals and their families with programs designed to help our clients begin a journey to a new life.

A Fresh Start

At Freedom Life, we are engaged in serving the needs of anyone who has a criminal record and needs help. Learn more about what is going on at Freedom Life at the link below.

Built on Love

At Freedom Life, we are actively working to show the love of Christ to men and women facing incarceration. Learn more about what is going on at Freedom Life at the link below.

Stories of change

Read about some of the many success stories from Freedom Life clients. From changed lives and restored families, see how God is working to mend hearts and give hope to justice involved individuals.


Individuals who have a criminal record and may have faced incarceration encounter a wide range of spiritual, mental, medical, relational, and practical needs as they seek to transition back into the community. At FREEDOM LIFE, we desire to reflect Christ’s love as we seek to make a difference. God is a God of second chances. There are people in our neighborhoods who are struggling to overcome their past. Many do not have the support they need to gain new footing and break through unhealthy life cycles that impact themselves, their families, and the community. They need our help. Freedom Life is here to partner with our community in providing aid and support that will help our justice involved neighbors turn the cycles of their past into opportunity for a new life filled with hope. 

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