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At Freedom Life Ministries commitment to Christ, His love, and His Word is an integral part of who we are.  As we work with current and formerly incarcerated men and women, we seek to help them step into and sustain the commitment required for them to know the true potential of their lives and fulfillment of all the needs that God can meet in the midst of all the challenges they face.  We believe we have been called to be for justice involved individuals what Christ was for us when it comes to living out what true commitment is, the cost that it requires, and the amazing new life capacity that it can bring.


At Freedom Life Ministries we believe that no heart is too broken and no life is too shattered for God’s love to embrace and transform.  Even though the way can be hard, and circumstances tough, we have faith in God and what He can and will do in the life of every person, regardless of their past, who is willing to turn to Him for hope, healing, and a life of true and lasting freedom.


At Freedom Life Ministries we desire to be examples of Christ’s compassion. By compassion, we do not mean feeling sorry for someone.  We believe compassion sees the inherent worth God places upon a person regardless of their situation or condition. It doesn’t deny the damage people do to themselves and others, but nor does it disregard the value of a person because of damages done.  As we seek to help any justice involved individual whom we have the privilege to serve, regardless of personal struggles or background, we are committed to embracing them with love and supporting them in need while also challenging and encouraging them as they navigate the difficult waters of authentic life change.  We also desire to help them discover a new sense of dignity and respect for themselves and others. 


At Freedom Life Ministries words like authenticity, honesty, and trustworthiness are not just philosophical concepts.  We are a ministry organization deeply committed to spiritual and systemic accountability and transparency.  People need to know they can count on us to be who we say we are.  Only through the authentic integrity of our hearts can we hope to lead current and former offenders to discover the integrity God can bring to theirs.


At Freedom Life Ministries we realize that our strength comes from our connectedness to God and to our community.  It is our desire to be part of a systemic infrastructure that brings the church community together with other community organizations in order to fulfill our overall vision of helping justice involved individuals discover the freedom and fulfillment of lasting life change.


At Freedom Life Ministries we are committed to continuous change and improvement.  We know we must be strong in our faith and flexible in our facilitation.  It is our prayer to continually grow and improve as we are constantly adapting to the challenges and needs that each day and each person may bring


At Freedom Life Ministries, we are not just committed to a cause, we are committed to a calling.  Our passionate desire to minister to the needs of justice involved individuals flows from our passionate love for God.  We are a faith-based organization.  And, while we are committed to working with every organization willing to work with us, we are also committed to the spiritual foundation from which our calling comes. While we will never force our faith on anyone, and while we are committed to helping everyone willing to accept our help regardless of their faith, we also reserve the right to be autonomous in our faith as a ministry organization.

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